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Hello, and welcome. This post will be the offical first post of the Detroit Adventures website and I am pleased to announce the offical grand opening of the website. This page will have news links and blog posts and probably more things that I can not think of right off the top of my head. This Home Page is also currently under development as of this post but the other pages are ready for viewing. Please enjoy our website.
Post #: 1 | 2/16/2014


Today was really cold and windy so we decided to try and stay inside for most of the time. And it is because of this that we decided to go to the Garden Bowl to go, well, bowling. This bowling alley is very clean and has a back enterance from the parking in the back. There are televisions that show what's happening in sports news and there is a lot of colorful lights to make your outing a party. This place is a very good place to relax and have fun.
Post 2 | 2/21/2014

Grand Prix 2.0

On March 31 the frist race of the "Dual in Detroit" was held and it was a wonderful event to be a part of. The entire island (Belle Isle) was filled with many things to do both race related and unrelated. One of the main sponsers of the race was Chevorlett who had many of their cars on display including, my personal favorite, the Chevorlett Camero SS, as well as the Corvette and the Volt which aren't bad cars either. There was aslo a United States Army area that had many Amry vehicles and personel that were advanced and skilled. The highlight was that we got to go throught the pits and see all of the pit crews at work preparing all of the cars to go to race.
Post #: 3 | 5/31/2014